Micro Focus® enterprise analyzer

Enterprise Analyzer - Application Portfolio Management and Analysis

Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer is key to the success of application overhaul and modernization strategies by ensuring that they are based on a solid knowledge foundation. It reveals the reality of enterprise application portfolios and the detailed constructs of business applications.

Enterprise Analyzer is a comprehensive platform for understanding application portfolios, delivering centralized business and technical insight into a wide range of applications - including mainframe and distributed languages and environments.

Identifies development priorities to improve application portfolio quality and match to business requirements

Produces a portability assessment report to quickly identify migration candidates and potential risk points

Reduces the cost and risk of application maintenance

Accelerates development and modernization projects - by 40% and more


Watch the video to find out how Enterprise Analyzer can help your business.

Enterprise Analyzer video

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Explore Enterprise Analyzer Products

Enterprise Analyzer
By providing insight into the technical reality of complex application portfolios, Enterprise Analyzer reveals how applications are truly structured. This helps architects and managers identify ways to boost application efficiency and flexibility as well as accelerate optimization activities and ongoing maintenance.

Enterprise View
Gives insight into application portfolios through powerful dashboards that monitor key application metrics such as cost, risk, quality and complexity and help identify modernization and development priorities. The metrics that Enterprise View presents are used to guide robust portfolio management decisions.

Micro Focus Business Rule Manager™
Accelerates the discovery, documentation, and organization of business rules hidden deep within application portfolio, ensuring that applications behave as demanded or required by law.